Property Management

Nelson Properties, Inc., has been providing professional property management services in the Greater Sacramento area for over 25 years. An overview of the roles of the property management team are detailed below.

Day-to-Day Operations of the Property

  • Create an annual operating budget for Owner approval;
  • Negotiate for favorable agreements with vendors;
  • Property inspections and vendor management;
  • Oversee tenant and capital improvements projects;
  • Assist tenants and building owners with the "Greening" of their facilities; and
  • Protect and increase the value of the building.

Tenant Relations and Retention

Strong tenant relations are maintained through regular visits and timely and efficient handling of service calls with timely follow-ups by property managers. During the first three months of a new engagement our manager will visit each tenant on a weekly basis, and less frequently once our relationships have been established.

A minimum of three building inspections are conducted per month. Any building problems are dealt with immediately.

Our property managers are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to assist the tenants and clients. 

Leasing and Marketing Support

Nelson Properties, Inc., has an outstanding relationship with the brokerage community. Our experience as a developer, owner, and investor gives our team a unique ability to get the most out of the broker selected by the owner. Nelson Properties, Inc., will work closely with any broker that our owners designate.

Reporting and Owner Services

  • Tenant expense reconciliations are prepared in accordance with tenant leases.
  • Lease summaries, rent rolls and action dates are reviewed monthly and maintained through our network software system.
  • Terms and conditions of tenant leases are strictly enforced, including timely rent collection.
  • Quality and dependable vendor services are maintained by utilizing bulk servicing, providing the lowest possible costs for building services.
  • All vendor services are supervised with regular review of fees charged.
  • All invoices are reviewed, coded, and approved for accurate account recording.
  • Preventative maintenance programs are established and implemented.
  • Monthly operation reports are provided to owner(s) with financial reports.
  • Annual property budgets are prepared in advance of the new year to ensure accurate account expenditures.
  • Budget variance reports are prepared and provided to owners on a monthly basis.

Tenant Improvement Supervision

Tenant improvement (planning, bidding and construction) supervision is billed at between 3.5-5% of hard costs depending on the size of the job.

Nelson Properties, Inc. has established relationships with highly qualified and professional contractors, space planners, and engineers, assuring our clients of fairly priced and expedient tenant improvements.